Super sport

Posted on 23. 7. 2023 in Firmy

It`s been a really long time since I broke up with my boyfriend, who I really loved a lot. You can`t imagine how very unhappy I was about it, because I kept hoping that my boyfriend would propose and that we would also go on our big honeymoon afterwards. I was looking forward to going to Miami, as my boyfriend told me over and over, that when he proposed and married me, our love honeymoon would be somewhere in Miami. I can`t tell you how excited I was, and I thought I was really, really lucky to have a boyfriend like that. But we all know that the world is not rosy, and that not all of us get this great wish.

Shooting is sport.

Although this was my big wish, of course it didn`t come true at all either. I was very desperate about it, and I wondered how I would take the gloom away, because my boyfriend of seven years, who I`d been with, I just kept thinking about him, and there was nothing I could do. That`s why my friend told me she would take me with her to a club where guns are fired. I couldn`t even believe my friend was shooting. Why didn`t she even mention this to me and tell me anything? It was weird, so I asked my friend why she hadn`t told me earlier. But my friend only shot four times. She herself said she didn`t even know if she was going to enjoy this, so she didn`t want to say that to anyone.

You can try it.

She didn`t confide in anyone. I get it on one hand, but I might know. Shooting range is really perfect. I think if you also tried shooting a gun in a shooting range you wouldn`t make a mistake, but believe me, you`d have a lot of fun doing this. It`s not just an ordinary game at all, because there`s also a huge dependence here on the fact that you`ll still want to shoot the gun and enjoy the adrenaline rush. I don`t think many people have even fired yet. They might want to talk about it, and they might want to try shooting a short gun and a long gun, but they`re still afraid they might not make it. Or is he ashamed of what to do in front of other people? It makes sense, though, that if you shoot for the first time, you won`t be able to.